Life is beautiful

Life is funny sometimes. Just when I thought I was settling in to my dream job, enjoying spending time with my wonderful boyfriend and delighting in the antics of Daisy, the puppy we adopted in December. We were looking at new apartments, improving our lives, putting all the ducks in a row. The rug was ripped out from under me, I was let go. Told that today was my last day with the company and to collect my things and leave.
I made it through cleaning out my desk, returning company property and thanking the doctors for the time I had with the company and left. I even made it all the way home, all the way in the front door before I lost it. My wonderful boyfriend, previously referenced, immediately knew something huge was wrong and instantly was there to hold me and comfort me. He told me it’s their loss and I will find a new job soon and things would be ok in mean time. He is so good to me. I believe him, but to have things go down like that was such a sucker-punch to the the stomach.
Now that you have the background you can move forward with me. Instead of dwelling on what a terrible thing this is, I am going to use this time to work with Daisy and work on myself. This blog will be our daily adventures, the people and things I encounter and my path to a new career.

Thanks for reading!


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